Getting home After an Apocalypse event

Creativity will always set humans apart from animals

This article relates to every day carry (EDC) items and idea’s how you should use them.

Weather a plastic shopping bag folded up in your pocket, or a proper canvas sling bag. Every person should carry a bag. a laptop bag with wheels is actually one of the best options, as it looks innocuous , and can store many items and if it gets too heavy to carry it can be wheeled around.
If you look at footage from hurricane Katrina you will see most people that are walking are using bags like this with wheels, we should take note of this, when analyzing any human situation the general population will evolve the equipment they carry in line with what works, and soon disregard what does not.

plastic bags help with insulation and water proofing and carrying equipment and should not be under estimated you can even carry water in a humble plastic bag

Water Bottles
You should always have at least a 500 ml or 1 pint water bottle – if you can get them in either aluminum or stainless steel then all the better, but a plastic bottle and can with the top rubbed off will suffice.
( to make the “can” mentioned above take a beverage can and on the top where the lip forms, start rubbing the top of the lip against a rough surface like a concrete sidewalk, until the lip is seen to visibly separate from the lid into 2 layers, , pull the lid out and you have a can you can use to boil water – drink out of and cook in it .)

you should always carry a small folding knife, your choice of what is handy for you —I prefer a swiss army knife with a few functions, but its your choice
go for quality and light weight , over anything else, after carrying a knife for a few years i can say that if its too heavy you are not going to carry it for long and then that defeats the object.
If you want to carry a second knife – do so in your bag, this one can be larger and possibly a fixed blade.
Remember this is a tool — not a weapon… it takes years to use this well as a weapon.for a weapon, rather look at the umbrella lower down on this list.

A small ultra bright LED torch is helpful in walking or signaling at night – but wont last long so use it sparingly – you do get solar charged compact torches
like this one and they are cheap so if you get one, may as well buy one of these.

A lighter
fire is what sets man apart form animals
Even if you don’t smoke always carry a small lighter they will provide many many fires if used sparingly and the flint can even be used. when the gas is finished, to light tinder.

Always keep a snack bar and a few instant packets of oats in your bag they pack small and are light , and offer a good meal should you need one, i do this every day anyway for breakfast when i get to work.

Or you can make the oat survival bars found elsewhere on this, link to my blog

Think about it in these terms if you think you will take 3 days to walk home from where you are working then you should have enough for 6 meals – one meal a day for 6 days , i know its not optimal but 1 meal a day is better then nothing and rationing over 6 days is better, even if you think it will take less time.

Well there are many uses for these other then those they were designed for (well maybe you will get lucky and use them for their intended purpose) and they are small and compact — and if you look at the JorgS “slingshotchannel” on google you will find they can make a reasonable sling shot from them.

a bandanna or 6 ; )
Or a handkerchief, so many uses that i wont list them hear, aside from the obvious,
some would be
wound dressing
sweat rag
dusk mask .
neck protection
help to pick up the pot off the fire
something to wrap your food in

Carry a few –

no brainer , headaches pain and fever… one of the most useful medications ever created , can help with heart problems,

For those with allergies this can save your life if you are stung by a bee and helps with the common cold, runny nose.

optional depending on where you live but the old bag lady on the corner would attest to this, its better not to get wet, or sun burnt and it is portable shade and protection from rain – can also be a walking aid and a defensive weapon in the right hands… I’m sure “the Penguin” would approve..

a Hat
sun burn isn’t fun — keeps the head warm — small cloth wide brims can be folded small called Boonie hats / bush hats Boonie hats / bush hats

Good walking shoes
This is more for the ladies, but those high heels are not for long distances, if you can, carry another pair of comfortable shoes (I know many ladies who do this anyway)
For the men – a spare pair of socks goes a long way to comfort sore feet.

a compact warm jacket
again it depends on the climate … not much help in an African Summer but the night can get cold outside

a news paper
rolled up can be used as a weapon (although you will need training) and fuel for starting a fire. insulation from the ground when sleeping or sitting.

Your cell phone
it will probably still work for a while at least.. if not the GPS should – so long as you have the maps previously downloaded.

a Belt
Can be used as a fearsome weapon … and to hold your pants up… 😉

a Pencil
Writing down important things, letters on boards to loved ones at cross roads, many uses , doesn’t leak like a pen… making maps …

and ammo, a “nice to have” if you have this then you are set unless someone takes it from you while you are sleeping,, also in many area’s will get you unwanted attention, small concealable if you must.

Duct tape and/or ball of string
again so many uses i just can name them all its the modern equivalent of string — with the right knots etc this can be very useful joining anything to anything

a few tea bags
make purified water taste way better and they are light and don’t take up much space can be traded for other things
Boiled sweets also help with energy on a low calorie diet.

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