Sustainable live stock for SHTF – Goats, Chickens, Pigeons, Rabbits, Pigs, and Fish

Goats are very useful animals requiring small areas to live in some as little as 9 square meters, as long as enough fresh hay and other food can be provided, they are not too picky when it comes to what they eat but will thrive if fed well.
they can provide transport
-pull goat carts( larger breeds )
-goat hair can be as soft as mohair,
-meat – although not commonly eaten by westerners they are actually very tasty

kept mostly for eggs – 5 chickens can lay up to 3 dozen eggs a week
meat – but in the long term eggs are more valuable.

Link to idea’s
meat – catch a pair of pigeons they will probably be rather dodgy city birds, but their offspring may be just perfect …
easy to keep in a cage.

Link on keeping rabbits
– mohair – to make blankets and clothes etc
– meat – tastes like rich chicken
– manure can be applied directly to vegetables
– breed quickly – 30 days gestation for a litter of 3 to 7 kittens ( horrible word for them but thats what they are called)
– they don’t eat much relatively

You cannot live off there meat alone — its doesn’t have all the necessary nutrients — combine with fish and pigeons to make complete meals

meat – everyone loves bacon ; )
they can be tethered unsupervised to a tree or a post and will graze in the in undergrowth until the area is clear of all vegetation, low maintenance , and they have large litters of up to 12 piglets per litter

can be kept anywhere that there is water and in most countries without much fuss.
can be part of a water feature in your house so that they are well hidden until needed.
not smelly …
eat little and can be fed worms
can be kept for meat
can use their water as manure in an aquaphonics system
but they need water recirculated regularly and are temperature sensitive.

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