Iodine, Glycerin, and Potassium Permanganate, the holy trinity of survival chemicals

When training in the infantry, some years back
in my officership training, some special forces operatives were on the coarse with me who would always carry these 3 chemicals when on operations. usually they would camouflage the bottles and connect them with bungee cords to their battle jackets, i obviously asked them what this was all about , these 3 bottles ?

well the response was,
Iodine –
antiseptic for cuts and abrasions
sore throats – drunk in very small doses in tea.( never tried this, I don’t no how wise it is)

Glycerin –
Chapped lips,
soothe blisters and sore hands
sweeten coffee,
helps with constipation,( South African MRE’s know as “RAT packs” or ration packs are notorious for giving you diarrhea or constipation)

Potassium Permanganate-
purifying water
in larger concentrations to make an anti septic
help with snake bites
can be combined with glycerin to make fire (Link to site)

—EDIT i have just learned that you can even light thermite with this reaction EDIT—

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