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Simple items can be constructed by using corrugated cardboard covered in resin and possibly in fiber glass if more strength is required – remember resin is poisonous so get a good mask before trying this.


Budget Bug out vehical idea

Posted: November 24, 2011 in DIY, Fun, Survival, Thoughts

If you are making a teardrop trailer try look at this link for idea’s as too how to make a tear drop trailer out of cardboard ( yes not a joke)

On browsing the web looking for ideas to build a teardrop trailer for bugging out with my car i found this
a very interesting idea, turn your urban Sedan into a camper by building yourself or purchasing a swiss room box ….

“Thanks to an ingenious modular system installed in the boot of your car, you can cook, eat, take a shower and sleep during your outdoor adventures!”

Wax burners

Posted: November 22, 2011 in DIY, Survival

Instead of using expensive non renewable propane burners create one of these

take a tuna tin can or any can that you can find that is convenient..
preferably with a replaceable metal lid

Roll up some corrugated cardboard, and place inside,
fill half up with molten wax or molten fat … and let it set …

You now have a burner that is inert and wont explode in your bag .. can be refilled from rubbish you can scavenge and be stored indefinitely (even when using fat, rancid fat might not smell nice but it still burns. )

Traps for defense of a position

Posted: November 22, 2011 in DIY, Survival, Thoughts

Traps have been used from time immemorial by all civilizations to provide food and safety from animals larger then themselves .
Traps are above all force multipliers and can slow adversaries down to by you time to escape or to take them out .
All those who wish to survive should invest in a little knowledge about trapping and man trapping.

Umbrella survival tool

Posted: November 16, 2011 in DIY, Fun, Steam Punk, Survival

The sun is getting hotter with every passing year and an umbrella makes more sense to carry every time i go out

the umbrella my look silly to some but as a weapon in the right hands it has few equals it forms a good club or an eskrima stick