Budget Bug out vehical idea

If you are making a teardrop trailer try look at this link for idea’s as too how to make a tear drop trailer out of cardboard ( yes not a joke)

On browsing the web looking for ideas to build a teardrop trailer for bugging out with my car i found this
a very interesting idea, turn your urban Sedan into a camper by building yourself or purchasing a swiss room box ….

“Thanks to an ingenious modular system installed in the boot of your car, you can cook, eat, take a shower and sleep during your outdoor adventures!”

Wax burners

Instead of using expensive non renewable propane burners create one of these

take a tuna tin can or any can that you can find that is convenient..
preferably with a replaceable metal lid

Roll up some corrugated cardboard, and place inside,
fill half up with molten wax or molten fat … and let it set …

You now have a burner that is inert and wont explode in your bag .. can be refilled from rubbish you can scavenge and be stored indefinitely (even when using fat, rancid fat might not smell nice but it still burns. )

SHTF transport Bug out vehical considerations

One of my favorite options for a bugging out vehicle is the URAL side car motorcycle

this is very mobile on and off road,and can be pushed should it need to be by its crew, it can maneuver on foot paths and uses very little fuel but can carry a large number of people and equipment for its size, making it an ideal savaging and scouting vehicle, it can effectively be used for raiding and very mobile warfare.

high tailer go anywhere vehicle 1967

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hybrid airship post SHTF for all the steam punks out there

hybrid airship post SHTF for all the steam punks out there

On a less serious note the best and simplest form of air travel would be the use of a hybrid type aircraft consisting of a semi rigid hot air balloon in the shape of a lozenge , but with small stub wings attached to provide lift …
the simplest engine to build would be the Lockwood-Hiller valveless pulse jet this could also provide the heat for the hot air, as it gets so hot.
Here are some engine idea’s

Hole in the ground bio gas generator

Works best on hot climates

Bio gas is usually methane that comes from rotting biological carbon based matter

An effective and simple bio gas generator can be made by getting a barrel and cutting the bottom open – (or if the barrel has no lid just turn it upside down)

if using this method there is no need to feed the digester or have a sludge outlet .. cause its setup to use batches.

but this pretty much sums it up

Plumb in some gas fittings with a tap to control the flow so that you can close them for the period needed to start the procedure

Dig a trench (the reason for the trench is to do more then one barrel at a time in the same area to provide enough gas and you can space them apart in time so that you always have some usable gas ) in the ground as big as you need to fit the barrel inside without touching the walls – and almost as deep as the barrel is high (don’t want the plumbing clogged with the slop) – the ditch or trench can be dug to include a number of barrels in a row, line the trench with clay , or plastic sheeting and fill with pig/chicken manure or any other material and water in a sloppy mixture about the consistency of loose oats porridge (experimentation gives results of what works and what doesn’t)

place the barrels open side down into the mixture with the taps open so as to form a seal with the slop,
and close the taps ( the weight of the barrel provides even pressure)

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Map Making after SHTF

Finding north is useful, but map making is actually more useful. especially in the long term,

-decide the area you wish to map,
-choose a useful scale,
-Draw a grid with the scale on the paper you want to make a map out of i.e 1 block is 100m
-Now decide on where you want to create the map from
-Find 2 points that are the same distance as the grid scale (100m in this case) apart.
-or if you can find them 100 m apart Draw 2 dots on the map that you know the distance between in real life – i e 2 trees that are 50 m apart and make sure they are 50 m in scale apart on your map.

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Martial arts training should be mandatory 1 hour a day for all compound members

Martial arts training should be mandatory 1 hour a day for all compound members, train now, not only will you learn something and keep fit, but you should learn and teach those around you,

you could even wonder from one compound to another and offer your training services in trade for food and shelter,

here is a free training site for free on-line learning – probably not as effective as doing classes but something is better then nothing http://www.sneaky-ninja-stuff.com/

Trench warfare and the need for field fortification post shtf

Trench warfare and the need for field fortification post shtf

Due to the lack of logistics and the complexity of technology, that feeds large artillery and fuel for mobile weapons like Tanks, I believe that in a post SHTF scenario, Bunkers and trenches will become of the utmost importance for fortification.
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