Trench warfare and the need for field fortification post shtf

Trench warfare and the need for field fortification post shtf

Due to the lack of logistics and the complexity of technology, that feeds large artillery and fuel for mobile weapons like Tanks, I believe that in a post SHTF scenario, Bunkers and trenches will become of the utmost importance for fortification.

Well built, drained and covered, trenches and bunkers will, in my opinion, still be the best way to defend against the probable small arms engagements that could happen after oil and technology production lines have ground to a halt…

The fact is, the only way that trench warfare was overcome, was by the use of tanks and that no major gains were made in WW1, speaks to its effectiveness.

The front trenches were basically the largest “Castles” ever constructed stretching for hundreds of miles.

Even in ancient times romans built trenches to some degree, although these were in front of the fortifications that they built each evening when on the march.

At the advent of firearms and artillery star shaped fortresses were the next step allowing for fire positions, the shape allows for mutual covering fire .

Star Forts – Post-gunpowder castles
at the advent of firearm
“In contrast, the star fortress was a very flat structure composed of many triangular or lozenge shaped bastions designed to cover each other, and a (typically dry) ditch.”

These were the precursor to Trench warfare and may be usable designs Post SHTF
“In the nineteenth century, the development of the explosive shell changed the nature of defensive fortifications and star forts became obsolete.”
Basically what was found was that the walls of a castle are great targets and to eliminate the walls was the first step towards better fortifications, barb wire fences covered b

y gun fire en-mas (like machine-gun fire) were much more effective at keeping soldiers out than walls ever were as they are not easily damaged by artillery, and remain effective even after being blown to bits,

What i predict will happen is that, as firearms become scarce, walls will once again rise and wire for fences will have other more useful uses and that we will revert more to the moat and Bailey style castle as time progresses. until effective artillery and processes for producing weapons are reestablished which may take some time.

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