Umbrella survival tool

The sun is getting hotter with every passing year and an umbrella makes more sense to carry every time i go out

the umbrella my look silly to some but as a weapon in the right hands it has few equals it forms a good club or an eskrima stick

link to eskrima – see umbrella

The handle can conceal a blade and can also be modified to have a torch concealed within, by mounting a single/or more ultra bright LED and a switch and battery (lithium ion rechargeable)

A small flexible solar panel can be fitted to the canopy, with a little knowledge, although I would not put a large one on .. maybe just a small charger for USB or the internal homemade torch,

Wrap the handle in para-cord and put fishing hooks and line in the hollow handle – it can be used and a fishing pole if you need too,

Wrap the shaft in snare wire, wrap over that with duct tape ( handy for repairs to the umbrella canopy anyway)

A few Blow gun darts can be concealed within the shaft along with a blow gun, might be useful not sure what for though ; ) maybe hunting birds.

An umbrella is great for keeping the sun and rain off a person walking , and will be allowed into most area’s even those that don’t allow other weapons,

An umbrella can be modified to work as a spear gun, or stick sling shot .

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