Traps for defense of a position

Traps have been used from time immemorial by all civilizations to provide food and safety from animals larger then themselves .
Traps are above all force multipliers and can slow adversaries down to by you time to escape or to take them out .
All those who wish to survive should invest in a little knowledge about trapping and man trapping.

Most Man-traps are banned by the Geneva convention and it should be understood that they should only be employed as a last resort.

traps can include nets , spike traps , pit traps and spear traps , dead fall and spring powered traps

traps include 3 things – a device to store energy ( this can be a log that stores potential energy as weight – or a spring . this can even be the weight of the person who springs the trap, or an explosive in the case of a land-mine.)

– and a device to spring or trigger the trap – a trip line , a pressure plate , a false bottom or floor, a fuse.

– and the trigger itself – the mechanism to bring the 2 together – and hold the energy until the trap is strung – (this would be the fuse in a land-mine that the pressure plate or tripwire uses to set off the mine)

most improvised traps are in the 3 categories
1. dead-fall – a weight is falling
2. pit – the person or animal falls
3. spring – the energy is provided by a spring that is pretensioned

Dead fall being the easier to construct and the hardest to conceal
Pit can only be placed in certain circumstances but are easy to conceal when placed wisely
spring can be concealed but requires the most complex mechanism.

be sure that everyone who you do not wish to harm is aware that traps are used and where they are so that they cannot be harmed by them.
Look at the map making section each member of your group should be aware of where traps are and how they are constructed .. obviously opsec applies.
make maps and keep them up to date including safe routes in and out of an encampment.

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