Plant a Hedge to provide a light barrier when fences are not availible

Hedging is surprisingly simple and our ancestors understood the advantages of a natural barrier –

Hedging, if done correctly, can provide fruit, a thick barrier of thorn ridden, and foothold free cover, that weapons can be fired through,
difficult to climb as it is something thats outside yields but inside is solid. they can also contain hidden razor wire fences.

On the down side hedges can be burned down when they are dry and need to be maintained, and take time to grow.

Firstly plant a row of small saplings a foot apart in a line and staggered about 1 foot from the center line of the intended hedge.

Use trees like ike Portuguese laurel , or in south Africa you can use “brush cherry” tree’s they are cheap and you can eat the fruit, if need be. more info on brush cherries……. and its fruit

after a few months of growing straight up these should then be cut through at ground level about 1/3 of the way through the trunk on the side that you will be bending them towards – to form the hedge, weave the one you cut into the next three tree’s vertical branches. now the trunk will be almost parallel to the ground, and the branches that used to stick out are now vertical providing something to weave then next trunk into. cover the cut in the trunk with tar – or mud if bitumen is not available,
When you are done, give it a few weeks to grow and go back and Prune, so that the branches grow upwards and you should have a good thick hedge in a few years.

Either way a good hedge requires little in terms of money and can provide a good decorative barrier that will last many years, and will provide cover for your light discipline, a barrier that is unappealing to livestock to push through, a place to plant herbs and bean vines and fruit tree’s and a source of brush firewood for years to come…

And if you plant it next to a razor wire fence and use it to stabilize the hedge you have hidden it effectively making it invisible

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