The greatest step in human evolution was and is agriculture

When we formulate plans for survival we often forget that the corner-stone of every civilization is agriculture.
De-evolving into a hunter-gather state is not sustainable, as food stocks within an area soon wither with large populations doing hunting and our ancestors acknowledged this and so developed farming to allow the food to “come to them”, allowing themselves time to do other things like develop technology and arts, learn and develop written and other military skills.
We should all learn from this, hunting takes way more time and effort than farming, and the yields in farming often create a surplus for trade, this allows division of labour and allows specialization making you better at what you do…

When we consider this, it should be an obvious conclusion that preparing to do agriculture and learning about animal husbandry should be very high on our list of priorities, especially if this is not a part of our everyday lives.

For urban environments i would suggest fish farming as is not noisy, not smelly and doesn’t have to take up much space, and you can use the water to double as part of your emergency supply if you can clean it. Trapping pigeons and breeding them, is also a way of providing for yourself with small sustainable agriculture. Rabbits are an option, if you have the space, and can get your family past the stigma of eating them. ( might be an issue for me), if you have good size yard, geese are a great option , they can sustain themselves on grass, mowing it for you.

Remember that if there is a large population die-off you can use other people’s yards to feed your live stock.

I have plans that look at my neighbourhood and what resources I can use even if it is in another persons yard, for instance i do not have a swimming pool – but all my neighbours do , these are great sources of relatively clean water, and are less than 50 meters away from my house, obviously if they survived or stayed in the case of an event i would not use them without permission but, in the case of SHTF and they are no longer around then i will feel no remorse in using it to survive

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