Improvising camouflage using Bleach and a magic marker

It is always suggested, on the forums I frequent, that you should not wear camouflage every day as it attracts too much attention, and that every one should become the “grey man” to avoid looking like a “mall ninja”

When i was young it was illegal to wear camouflage in the old south africa unless you were in the army or police, this was so that it was easy to pick out those who were insurgents that had crossed the border into ZA to plant bombs cause they needed camouflage to hide ,to avoid the patrols that the government sent out,
the down side of this for myself was that I was an avid paintball player and camouflage was not readily available and I had to improvise….

To this end, I devised a method of using a combination of dark green clothing that i had tie-bleached (much like tie-dyed) and a magic marker to provide a third color to the pattern and provide shadowing that helps the pattern work well as camouflage.

The reason i add this to my blog is that when you have a wardrobe full of tans and greens , camo may still be needed and using a the above method can help when on the move when you need something camo quickly and the method is quick and requires simple things that you may already have in a bug out bag …

Bleach has many uses and a small bottle should be in your bag anyway to provide sterilisation to drinking water
– and a magic marker is cheap and light and can be added without taking up much space … also has other uses – can be used to harden your fist if you need a weapon .. can be used to leave notes at cross roads for loved ones or mark a route on a wall … very many other uses not all I will list here…

anyway the method is simple …
take off the clothing item — bleach doesn’t burn much but you don’t want it in your eyes.
bunch up the item randomly and pour (or if you have a spray bottle even better, spray) bleach onto the exposed parts…
leave to dry in the sun…
and you should have a camo pattern now underline the bottom section of each lighter section with a magic marker, to provide shadowing that create a 3D effect that helps break up your shadow and camo you better, also you can draw a few random lines with the marker…

below is a bad mspaint image of the idea – I will make some properly when I get a chance and do a step by step as well as show the out come when I get a chance.

the camo worked OK for paintball … much better than solid colors at least anyway – making a stencil and using a spay bottle you could make digital camo if you so desired – also making random dots is easy with a spray bottle so a simple flectarn isn’t out of reach. if so desired


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