Security enhancements to my house

I recently made some security enhancements to my house.

the most important one in my opinion is the fact that the house now has a security gate separating the bedrooms and 1 bathroom from the rest of the house, it has a “slam lock” that allows the gate to lock when slammed (quite hard i might add), so that if you are in trouble and some one unexpectedly invades the house you can run to the secured area and slam the gate … sealing you off from your attackers.
Also at night, if any one breaks in to to anyone of the doors, they would be on the other side of the gate, keeping my family safe.
the newly installed gate is also at the far end of the passage (6 meters long)making it very hard for someone with a fire arm to fire down the passage and hurt anyone as the angle would mean the shots are buried in the 2 brick thick walls that the passage is made of before hitting anyone.

I also purchased a fire extinguisher and this is kept in the hall way on the inner side of the gate should some one try burn us out …
in addition to this the security bars on the windows, have an escape hatch in my bedroom that i can unlock should we need to get out in a hurry.

the walls are 2 bricks thick in our house and the windows are all secured with bars and at least 4 foot off the ground because of the incline of the plot, making it very hard to break in because of a lack of footing, I have a linked alarm with armed response, and yet it is never enough…

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