Drying and Dehydrating for food preservation

Drying and dehydrating has long been used as a method to preserver food, the lack of water in dehydrated food stops bacteria multiplying.

When compared to other methods of food preservation , drying wins hands down as it allows most foods to be preserved without any additives, this is important as those additives may not be available anymore after a civil collapse.

Food can be dried in Johannesburg, mostly when weather permits , which is usually best in early winter, and even late summer on days that it doesn’t rain.

Dry in the sun on a fly proof rack in a box, under a pane of glass for full effect, or alternatively in the oven on a low heat , about 60 to 80 centigrade.

When in doubt as to if its ready, dry it for longer,,, longer is better than shorter,,,

Most dried stuff will keep for 6 months once dried and stored in a dry place, away from insects, careful not to use wet/damp containers, and discard anything that looks moldy.

Sun-dried tomatoes are a great way to store your tomato crop, make sure they are ripe, but not over ripe before starting .

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