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Pack Rifle

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Fun, Survival, Weapons

Found this very interesting concept online — a very light simple pack rifle – great for hiking and so on, great for survival,

Pity you cant buy it in south africa…. yet …  



Nitestik review

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Energy, Survival

Nitestik site link

The other day I bought a “nitestik”, just for fun, but I think it may be useful in finding your BOB in the dark and as its actually bright enough to use as a low powered emergency light for illuminating a very dark space,(I have tested this and it works ok for the first hour or two .. then it isn’t much use cause it is too dull, but works fine just to find what ever is tied to it)

The nice thing is, nothing to break and its effectively solar powered,
now I’m not saying it is going to replace a torch just that it can provide a compact light that could help you in a tight situation, even if its just to find something tied to it, like your house keys.

It is a little over priced in my opinion , but with imported things our currency generally are