Survival garden Recipe idea’s

Potatoes are very productive and produce the best crop for the smallest plot of land, one reason they are so good is that they don’t need much additional processing to make them edible, just wash them and cook and eat , compared to grains that need to be ground and made into bread you can see how potatoes save you time — although, one problem is monotony and storage – potatoes don’t keep all that well, so preserving them is important, I propose making dried gnocchi and using them as pasta.

or dry them and make potato flour

Here is how:

Boil 3 kg of Pealed potatoes
let cool till cold
mix in 2 beaten eggs
Salt to taste
this makes a dough mixture that can be shaped
using a teaspoon – spoon mixture onto a baking tray so that each spoon full is separate form the others,
dry in an oven 60 degrees C till dry, ( some hours) or in the sun.

store in a airtight container –
to cook – cook as pasta only in less water and for less time,

coat with basil, garlic and olive oil pesto.

or make tomato pesto
My tomato crop often goes moldy in the fridge so these days i dry them and make tomato pesto —
dry tomatoes
mince or chop very finely
add oil to make a paste,
spoon onto pasta, very tasty.

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