Post SHTF means of trade

Skills will be the most saleable of items should SHTF

Skills and manual labor form the back bone of modern society although many would deny this.

Now is the time to learn a skill.

Options for me include:
I am skilled at metal work and have most of the manual tools required including a small anvil and a hearth.

I have weapons and know how to use them.

Shoe Maker:
Leather working and shoe making go hand in hand.

I have the skills to tan leather for shoe making.

I am skilled at picking and opening locks, as well as rebuilding them if they become damaged.

Goes without saying everyone should be able to farm to some degree. I plan on selling my produce.

Fixing plumbing is important to help pipe water around a compound .

I have skills creating and maintaining generators and electrical systems.

As a DIY junky, I can lay bricks and can make cement from ashes and roasted limestone (if you can find it) ( and yes i have done this as a test, on one occasion)

Charcoal maker:
I learned to make charcoal from wood some times back, needed to know to make steel and do blacksmithing.

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