Comparing the Spetsnaz Spade to the Machete to the Kukri to the Hatchet multi tool

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Survival, Thoughts

Comparing the Spetsnaz Spade to the Machete to the Kukri to the Hatchet multi tool


When i was cutting down a tree in my yard the other day, i decided to compare the cutting power – comfort and usability of each of the tools pictured above — and found some surprising results – with a mind that i should use one of these in a Post SHTF scenario,

First I tried the machete – ( R40 from Makro, made by Lasher )
on softer wood and thinner (than my thumb) it worked quite well – but after the blade stuck fast in logs thicker than my wrist, and the reverberation of the cutting stroke was not very pleasant, after cutting into the wrist thick trunk for some time i found my arm getting tired and i was not making much progress,
each cut would slice about half an inch into the cut..

I next tried the Spetsnaz spade – ( R680 from
surprisingly it didn’t cut very well, at all ( which was a shock to me as i expected more – it was the most expensive of the lot ) , the cuts is made were small and shallow, it felt like it was to light in the blade area and a bit weak, but it would work in an emergency, and could be used to dig which is bonus for digging tempory fortifications,but it wasn’t comfortable after a while as the reverberation of the cutting stroke was not very pleasant.

next i tried the Multi tool –( R58 From Midas)
– worked like a charm – but then again it is an axe!!! sliced through the logs without an issue. ( it is a bit on the heavy side )
the blade is a little thin for my liking but the whole thing is a single casting handle included and exceptionally strong

next the
Kukri ( R90 Cash converters actually also made by Lasher )

this work very well – the blade slicing well through most things – it is pretty much the same as the machete – even made by the same company , but the shape really seems to work, I think it might be the weight that balances towards the tip, but it just cuts really well … but it doesn’t do much other then cut but, it does that well.

i still haven’t made a decision regarding what the best is – but i carry the multi tool in my car wherever I go in my get home bag, and have the spade at home in my other BOB , the others i use regularly in the garden, particularly the Kukri.


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