Getting an NZ firearms license

Here is a quick a run down process for those of you looking to get it:

    1. Go to the police department and get a copy of the Arms code and the application forms ( available online too )
    2. Study it ( its not difficult )
    3. Get the required safe.
    4. and fit it …… don’t do the rest till you have the safe fitted, saves loads of time
    5. Book your appointment to do the “Mountain safety course”.
    6. Attend and pass it ( again its real easy and quite logical )
    7. Get the forms and Fill in
    8. Get 2 photos
    9. Pay the fees at the Post office
    10. Hand in the forms at the police.
    11. Wait … follow up if no response in a week or 2
    12. Have the interviews —
    13. Wait …. about 2-3 weeks
    14. get first letter stating its a approved ( YAY!!! ) or declined
    15. wait another week
    16. get card in the post
    17. buy stuff 🙂
    18. Dodge wife 🙂 , as to why you just spent $3000, you don’t have, on Rifles  “you don’t need” and reloading gear,spare mags, slings, glass, club range fee’s and Ammo…


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