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Getting home After an Apocalypse event

Creativity will always set humans apart from animals

This article relates to every day carry (EDC) items and idea’s how you should use them.

Weather a plastic shopping bag folded up in your pocket, or a proper canvas sling bag. Every person should carry a bag. a laptop bag with wheels is actually one of the best options, as it looks innocuous , and can store many items and if it gets too heavy to carry it can be wheeled around.
If you look at footage from hurricane Katrina you will see most people that are walking are using bags like this with wheels, we should take note of this, when analyzing any human situation the general population will evolve the equipment they carry in line with what works, and soon disregard what does not.

plastic bags help with insulation and water proofing and carrying equipment and should not be under estimated you can even carry water in a humble plastic bag

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