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My new “Smith and Wesson Bush Hog Outback Kukri” review

I just got my new “Smith and Wesson” bush hog Outback Kukri

and can’t wait to test it out.

Pro’s :

  • Its considered a machette kukri but I,m not so sure — its blade is super thick and its ground better then a cheap machette version
  • Its got a nice ground bevel edge from the spine down to the edge so it will be easy to sharpen.
  • its heavy but not excessively so that I wouldn’t carry it in the bush
  • its got a lanyard hole .. I already fitted my own lanyard
  • its pretty sharp out the box
  • its pretty good value for money Paid $30US on e-bay
  • hard steel should hold an edge well
  • coating is very thick and should hold up well to abuse


  • the retention on the sheath isn’t great.
  • the blade seams a little hard/ brittle for chopping , may break

overall great value and very happy .. let see how it holds up to abuse.



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