Recreation Post Apocalypse

Recreation in a post apocalypse should be prepared for.

boardgames like chess or monopoly, packs of cards ( great for a bug out bag), musical instruments (I carry a harmonica in BOB) and books can offer some respite from the boredom that is bound to ensue after TV and other electronic entertainments have faded.
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Pistol Carbine System South Africa

Licensing a firearm in South Africa can take anything up-to a year and so many don’t bother and few gun shops survive the lack of  cash flow.

According to the new law you may only have one hand gun and only one gun under section 13 which is for self-defense

this is also the only semi-auto weapon you are allowed, under conventional circumstances.

This dictates, that if you need a firearm for self defense, you should buy the best and most versatile handgun you can.

the 3 most common weapons i see purchased are the following 3 :
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