Boat bug out

I have long contemplated using a boat as a bug out transport vehicle , as i now live near the ocean, this is a real option.

this should really read, “using a boat as a bug out location for the short term”

Boats have some obvious advantages:

  • They can generally hold quite a bit of gear, large boats can carry very heavy loads
  • They may move slowly but they have no need to go off road,
  • water covers a large amount of the earth and often contains a large amount of wild life that can be harvested,
  • They can be powered by the wind
  • They don’t require much technology, but can be enhanced with it
  • Repairs to small craft are not difficult,
  • They can be very quiet,
  • They have good ranges,
  • can use steam engines, Stirling engines, and low grade fuels.
  • navigation by sun and stars is well established and can be revived.

and some disadvantages:

  • Affected by weather,
  • Slow, when wind powered,
  • Obvious at a range,
  • Can be expensive to buy and maintain,
  • Relatively easy targets for Pirates
  • Limited to coastal areas,
  • a home port, with resupply is still required,
  • not all vessels are created equal – size and crew have a big baring on range,