Issues with 9mm casings —

Without really looking I reloaded 100 rounds on the week-end , at the range i had 6 casings where the primers fell out in the magazine . failing to allow the weapon to go into battery and messing powder everywhere.

I was lucky that nothing blew up …

I picked up the casings at the range and hadn’t properly checked them – but it looks like “durapoint” (or somthing like that) reload’s, in the orange box, has been reloading berdan primed casings with boxer primers .obviously drilling out the old primers anvils which works just fine with the primers they use, once … but when reloading the primer pockets are stretched.

My winchester primers seem a little small and they were falling out … while they felt fine and looked fine on the press.

Needless to say I ditched all the berdan primer casings from my brass stash and now will sort my range brass a little more closely.

Getting a group together

After many nights of lying awake i have decided the only way to really prep is in a group.

i’ve know this would become neccessary for a while and its finally time to act …

Myself and few others will be meeting monthly, for firearms practise and discussions, in the eastrand area of johannesburg – if anyone would like to join us , then contact me via gmail or wordpress for more details … we would be glad for a few more members.

kind regards Xi0



Catch up

Wow its been a busy month …work has been crazy

I read Patriots – thanks to a friend .

good book …

some crits … no bunker under the first house … took them too long to build claymores … there BOL was way to far away from most of the members.

Anyway going to stop off at the range tomorrow with one of the group members … reloading ammo tonight …

Cant wait for my garage to get finished .. its been 3 months now – need a new builder maybe?

Bought a lee bullet resize die .. works a charm .. starting to cast projectiles more actively .

found a cool system for coating bullet in epoxy …  probably going to start a cottage industry and sell to local gun  shops .. just need to build a casting machine …