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Posted: August 23, 2017 in Survival


the Dual Flashlight, FM, Dual Sim, Power Bank, TV, Mobile Phone everyone should have in there bug out Gear,

I don’t really often do gear reviews but this one stands out for me as an epic buy for your bug out bag, get home bag, or earth quake pack ,

Firstly it replaces 5 main items in your bag.

Its a torch — with a pretty long battery life,

an FM radio, we should always have one of those in a disaster ,, and having this in one package makes it lighter and takes up less space. i dont think you should completely remove a spare from the pack but its way better then using a cell phone and has a separate button for turning it on and off,, way awesome

its water resistant and impact resistant, and that equals heavy.. not a bad thing.

,It has a removable  battery , so a spare can be carried, epic…

it has is a mobile power bank for other cell phones and devices.good to remain connected if you just need a recharge, out side of real SHTF.

its the price, size, shape and weight of a plain power bank why not get the extras,

it has a Dual sim card… and a SD card slot upto 32 GB …

Dual sim need i say more.. we all have issues getting single in the wild  .. or in a natural disaster .. if you have a mobile with one sim that can be changed with this one.. then 2 more in this phone .. then you have 3 networks .. and thats 3 times more chance of getting comms through than if you only had one ..

It doesn’t have a GPS, and doesn’t support data, only voice and txt, this is important to some as they don’t like it with big brother watching .. well this phone is not android and wont load facebook .. or email .. so you are safer there, if that concerns you .. you are a lot harder to track with GSM only … down to the closest tower …

can take photos and video… bad ones … but its better than nothing …

has an analog TV receiver built in , if available in your area for news, etc .

can load pdf’s so maps and other docs can be stored .

right now in may EDC bag i have a spare Flashlight, FM radio , Power Bank and a  Mobile Phone, this will replace them all for less weight and less space, – and at $35 .. why the hell not.


Packing include:
1 x host
1 x charging plug
1 x data line
1 x Chinese manualColor: black + gold
Appearance design: straight
Shell material: PVC waterproof material
Run memory (RAM): 128M
Body memory: 512M
Maximum storage extension: TF 16G
Network mode: GSM/WCDMA
Network frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900GHZ
Network type: 2G network
Support SIM card quantity: dual sim dual standby
Phonebook capacity: 300 (body 100, SIM card 200)
Screen size: 2.8 inches
Screen resolution: 240*320
Camera: rear 300 thousand pixels
Camera sensor type: CMOS
FM radio: you need to plug in your headset
Photo resolution: maximum support for 640*480
Audio format: MP3
Video format: AVI
Image format: supports JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
MIC: built in MIC
Headphone interface: Micro USB interface
USB interface: 1 Micro USB interface, 1 USB output interface (can act as mobile power)
Other functions: flashlights, calendars, alarm clocks, e-books, calculators, free cell phones televisions etc.
Language support: support many languages (English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai)
Battery: built in 1800mAh lithium battery (removable)
Talking time: 3-5 hours
Standby time: 60 hours
Input voltage: DC 5V
Power adapter: European standard, input AC110-240V 50/60Hz 0.1A, output DC5V 0.5A
Body size: 14.2*6.3*3cm
Body weight: 217g








When speaking with some of my friends from the 4×4 community, they were rather scathing of my choice of off road vehicle.

I have a 2001 RAV4 4WD as my hunting/general day to day car.
and apparently this isn’t very good in “real off-road” bashing


But, the thing is ..
I already own it.
Its paid off.
its in great condition and has done low mileage.
They are common as dirt and parts are still easy to get and cheap.
Its lighter on fuel than many others.

some down sides
no diff lock, only limited slip EBD/abs
not great ground clearance.
Tyres are more for road then off road as its in use mostly on road

Surveillance of a homestead

Posted: July 25, 2017 in Survival

Ultimately surveillance is about using ears and eyes to gather information about a possible enemy and your surroundings, to get forewarning, to give you the largest tactical advantage, to plan an ambush or evacuate with as much warning as possible.

Extending coverage of these senses gives a longer warning, and more time for reacting to, or preparing for, a security threat.

In a scenario where our security is left up to ourselves (Without rule of law or WROL) we need to find (more…)

First off

get a Gieger counter NOW …. you can get cheap ones that will do well enough that plug into the audio jack of a cell phone  .. and cost under $35.

Decide whether you will  bug in and convert a basement room into a bunker, or setup a bug out fall out shelter far from your home either way (more…)

Are You Obsessed with Bug Out?

Posted: April 20, 2017 in Survival

Do you have 5 bug out bags and keeps of bug out vehicles?

Ever wonder why you felt the need to do this?

I found one reason the other day …
the training manual for Nuclear survival from FEMA suggests that you should have them.

The main reason would be that, in case of nuclear war, you would need to move out of the cities to build a fall out shelter to survive, as Rural areas were less lightly to be bombed .. this seams to drive a lot of the theory behind bug out.