Reviewing my Get home bag

Reviewing my Get home bag  

This evening, I went through my “get home” bag and decided it needed a review

  • Firstly  I used to use a “Paladin Go Bag” – I am going to change my choice here its not much better than a normal nappy bag and much more obvious – I am going to be changing this to a laptop type / nappy bag  so it attracts less attention to me, and is less tacticool…and no molle  , and although  the paladin go bag is a great bag – its not very big inside , holds very little equipment actually and is designed for paladin  drivers , not for the man in the street… so unless you are a paladin driver – get a bigger and less obvious bag …

  •  Hammer and hatchet — keeping this one —- good, strong all round tool – a little heavy. – When I compared this to other tools this still came up tops for size and function.
  • 3L water bladder – great going to keep this as is … add colloidal silver so the water inside doesn’t go bad … keep it full or at least half full 3 kgs is heavy for EDC. — update — dropped this and put in a 1.5l stainless steel water bottle — it fits better in one of the side pouches intended for baby bottles.
  • Bottle colloidal silver water purification  liquid … keeping
  • Shemagh – awesome idea … but again very tacticool – a cotton nappy is actually better.  Still keeping it though.
  • Homemade survival oats bars x6 (2 a day, so 3 days worth.)Keeping these … no real alternative that is as good and comparable nutrition, or price.
  • A KA-BAR  clone — good strong and sharp  knife – keeping ( again in addition to my EDC – CKRT folder and swiss army knife)
  • Small medical kit– keeping  – aspirin , anti-histamine, sutures, moleskin
  • Needle and thread , spare buttons – keeping
  • Small fishing and snare kit – keeping
  • Slingshot – keeping
  • Lead slingshot ammo – loosing — replaced with 50 rounds of 9 mm luger FMJ since my handgun license was approved, and I can use stones for the slingshot. ( these are in addition to the 1 (in gun)+2 in mag holder  x 15 round mags in my EDC)
  • Goggles – adding  a pair of military style goggles – with UV filter
  • Dust mask – adding
  • Gloves – half finger. leather – adding
  • Hat – had 3 different ones – now only keeping one, wide brim, bush hat.
  • Jacket – added a grey, fleece lined, hoody, thin but warm – took out the fur Lined NATO parker — its very bulky and unnecessary in southern African climate in spring, summer, autumn, even at night.
  • Emergency blanket – keeping
  • Army wool  – long Socks x 2 – underwear x2 – adding
  • Tin foil – keeping
  • Compact BIC gas Lighter – keeping
  • Water proof matches and flint & striker  – keeping
  • Flash light headband – with spare batteries  – Keeping
  • Paracord – traded for roll of heavy braided nylon thread –  50m more compact and as strong .
  • Condoms – Keeping — can keep extra water in one of these inside a sock …
  • Garbage bag – keeping – useful for rain shelter – keeping
  • homemade tin can wax burner – Adding
  • Stainless steel mug ,( improvised billy can)– Adding
  • Compact Umbrella – Adding – always useful as a parasol or in rain as quick shelter.
  • Baby bum cream Zinc oxide based– small jar – many uses,  zinc oxide based cream is a good sunscreen , and heals and seals lots of small grazes and wounds, most are even antiseptic, used to treat diaper rash, minor burns, severely chapped skin and other minor skin irritations,  itching, burning caused by poison oak and acid, sun burn,  and chapped lips  – keeping this definitely — this stuff is so useful I might even do a whole blog article on it….
  • Potassium permanganate – glycerin and  iodine – in 3 bottles – keeping – (lots of uses mentioned on this blog )
  • A toilet roll – keeping — white gold  burns, and can clean dirty hands and noses , and the obvious wiping of ass 😉
  • Knife sharpener – might take this out — if you can blunt 3 knives in 3 days you should just shoot yourself …

I think the really big change is the bag — nappy bags – my wife got about 7 of them free, when we had our 2 children, from companies trying to advertise and family as gifts – so I picked the best one for my purposes ( blue , and lots of pockets ) and am going to use it , they are commonly used and non-descript , they come in dark colours, and anyone with kids won’t look out of place carrying one, they can easily conceal a hand gun. and hold many many items , the only gripe i have is the single strap is not ideal for long term carry — but then again the paladin go bag has the same problem.


tried 3 different nappy bags — finally found one that fits everything and has 2 straps— its looks a little un-manly ( it has “BABY” prined in big on the side) but hey thats the idea.



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