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Why should you buy a “Potjie Pot” or a three Legged Dutch Oven?

I finally had some time to put pen to paper ( or finger to keyboard lol ) and give a little info why you should get one.

these are heavy three-legged cast iron pots used in south africa to cook food …

here is why you should get one and have it as a Bug in tool : (more…)


I got my NZ firearms licence

Posted: December 8, 2016 in Survival

So I bit the bullet rhetorically and got my Category “A” firearms licence here in NZ

thought I would chat about the process for those of you looking to get it: (more…)


Posted: December 8, 2016 in Survival

One very important prep that is often overlooked are good area maps on Paper …. everyone should maintain a map and you would be wise to create an overlay made of clear plastic with a permanent marker and a dry wipe marker with notes on areas on interest .

the local military bases,

Food supply caches ,

hardware stores ,

and civil services in your area …

Create a map using and print it out — preferably in no more then 1:50000 resolution