The most important crop you can grow

If I were to ask you what the most important crop you can grow is. what would your answer be?

Some might say maze, but maze doesn’t produce much and is quite difficult to grow¬† in small spaces, if you have a few hectares of land maze isn’t a bad option. It is portable and requires very little preparation to eat, and is very dense,and who can forget the smell of fresh salted popcorn? they need good soil and need a full season to grow properly.
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Bullet Swagging

Hi Guys

Its been ages ,

been working on loads of things, one of them being Bullet swagging.

when i was still in ZA, I used cast 9mm bullets with Lee precision molds, and resize these with Lee resizing dies. I found these used to smoke when fired quite a bit from my Glock 19, even though they caused no leading.

I found out from a yourtube video how to coat these with an epoxy resin paint with hexan boron nitride powder added for lubrication and had very good results. The bullets smoked way less when fired even though it smelled a little like plastic burning, they were cheaper , I could reload for around 8 US cents a round, so i wasn’t bothered by the smell,

they were also just as accurate as jacketed virgin ammo, and caused no leading or any more fouling then normal.

After emigrating from ZA to New Zealand, i could no longer carry a hand gun, so on getting my firearms license here, I started reloading and casting but this time for .223 Remington.

I have gotten molds for .223 but haven’t been able to get enough tin and antimony to harden the scrap lead I’ve been able to find, so I’m a little nervous to use straight lead without a gas check, with just the coating even though it worked in 9mm.

I’ve been looking into Swagging .22 lr cases into jackets for .223, but the Corbin Dies I’ve found wont ship to NZ or are extremely expensive.

What I’m going to try and do is get a die maker locally to make me a set of dies and see how it goes, I’ll keep you all posted.