History channel alone season 6

Here is what I would take if I were invited :

Let’s hope they open it to international people, I’d go in a heart beat,

here are the 10 items I would take – depending on the location

1. Sleep bag -15 centigrade depends On location and season

2. Kukri – Smith and Wesson outback bush hog – its what I have,  don’t judge

3. Ferro-rod, of course.

4. Thick Wire, 16 gauge high carbon steel/ high tensile steel ( about 88m of it in the allowed 3.5lbs /1.6kg’s ) for trapping making hooks, nails, springs for traps and other stuff.

5. Hammock – large double net type Home-made from para-cord if they would allow it, it is a hidden source of cordage.

6. Rations -2.2 kg /5lb’s of Biltong as I’m a South African – but considering Pemmican as it has more calories

7. Multi-tool – Leatherman Rebar

8. Dutch oven Pot and lid – 2quarts/ 1.9 liters

9. Saw- large cross cut bow saw

10. Cold steel Spetznaz spade

So one thing you will probably

You would notice is no axe, the saw should do the big work and the Kukri is perfect for battening wood to split, the leatherman will do the rest and it’s got more then one blade and a file to sharpen tools with.

The pot lid is also a good shallow pan.

The pot is nearly indestructible.

the ferro-rod is a no-brainer

The hammock can be used as a hammock, but can also provide loads of cordage if required, and isn’t bad to sleep in, and I can use parts of it to catch birds and fish with if i break it down and reweave some of the strands.

The wire is good for snares and for making traps, making nails and tying things up. Improvising hooks with cord from the hammock for fishing, arrow points and fishing Spear points, I’d go with a high carbon steel so it can be fire hardened by quenching.

The spade is good in managing fire and for splitting wood, digging scat holes, digging for bait, digging turf in grasslands for walls and fire and digging out traps elsewhere .

The Kukri I just like … I prefer them over smaller axes

first thing i would do is scout the area … and find the best spot possible.. that why I would take the rations, setup a temporary shelter each day and move around till I found evidence of game and the best fishing / hunting spots.

Then I would first build a simple drag travois https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travois

To carry all the gear and move it to the best area … somewhere not so close to the water and further up cause it’s generally warmer.

Then assess from there

I’d build more then one “lodge” if possible and move between the two as trapping and fishing allowed, and move between them as food stocks dwindled.

I would essentially try to be nomadic.

again this is all dependent on the area and season. 😉


My new “Smith and Wesson Bush Hog Outback Kukri” review

I just got my new “Smith and Wesson” bush hog Outback Kukri

and can’t wait to test it out.

Pro’s :

  • Its considered a machette kukri but I,m not so sure — its blade is super thick and its ground better then a cheap machette version
  • Its got a nice ground bevel edge from the spine down to the edge so it will be easy to sharpen.
  • its heavy but not excessively so that I wouldn’t carry it in the bush
  • its got a lanyard hole .. I already fitted my own lanyard
  • its pretty sharp out the box
  • its pretty good value for money Paid $30US on e-bay
  • hard steel should hold an edge well
  • coating is very thick and should hold up well to abuse


  • the retention on the sheath isn’t great.
  • the blade seams a little hard/ brittle for chopping , may break

overall great value and very happy .. let see how it holds up to abuse.


New Dutch oven

Hey guys

Just got my new Dutch oven … can’t wait to break it in , it weighs about 3 kgs and hold about 1,8L of liquid , perfect for a small family of 4 ,

its much lighter than my older potjie, but its also way smaller in volume. Its  nice to have both but this one is much more … mobile .

Its got a great handle that stands on its own, and has a spring around so that it doesn’t burn your hand. but lacks the three feet and the round bottom of a traditional potjie pot.

It has a lid that can hold coals , and be flipped over and used as a pan, as it is slightly domed.

all in I’m very happy with the purchase .

it was about $30 US  including delivery.

Anyway here is a pic