Review of the Zebra Cooking kit

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Survival

I bought this great little Kit for around US$6 a few months back — its SUPER solid — if a little Heavy … but it fits my bug out gear well … and my lunch .. and with having moved to New Zealand – with a threat of major earth quakes, its always good to know i have a solid cooking system in my bag .


pot 1

Air rifle

Posted: July 28, 2016 in Survival

Air rifles are often seen as weak, and not very effective hunting weapons, and  while the smaller caliber modern air rifles ( under .25 ) are not great against human targets, they have some merit.

Firstly I’m talking exclusively about single shot spring / gas piston guns.

Air rifle pellets are cheap and light.

Air rifles are relatively cheap – but a cheap .22 rifle is still cheaper, and a good powerful air rifle will be much more expensive.

Pellets can be improvised  -much easier than cartridges can be reloaded.

Air rifles are very quiet, when using heavy pellets that keep the rifle under the sound barrier.

Air rifles are generally not controlled, like firearms are.

Air rifles can be dieseled to get near .22 LR  power out of them, (this can damage the piston … but in an emergency its possible )

They are better than nothing – but only barely

They are easier to use, and cheaper to feed, than a long bow/cross bow

They are more accurate then both a long bow/cross bow, and slingshot, in untrained hands.

Can be used to intimidate someone, who doesn’t know any better.

Can take quite large game with good shot placement, and in a pinch.

Good practice for the real thing


But they have a down side:

Firarms should really only be for self defense, and traps, used for hunting.

Hunting with anything, is less effective than trapping … so rather trap

They are quite heavy and bulky – this means they don’t fit well in a bug out scenario.


In a land where firearms are restricted:

for self defense – get a cross-bow or a slingshot-bow, they are more lethal for one attacker.

for hunting rather use traps.


Get in there while you can, it’s super fun and the author has put a lot of time and effort into the system check his blog on and maybe you can talk him into selling you his life’s work in the form of the rules … :) 

Its time for an update on NZ

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Survival

Hi Everyone

Its been ages since I found the time to Blog, so here goes.

Life here is very different to what I am used to, but not in a bad way.

Loads less crime, and first world problems, no loads shedding, but the cost of food is astronomical, compared to South Africa.

a meal at the Mac Donalds will set you back around R100 a head.

Essentially there are no big malls, but the city is like one big mall. a real change from JHB.

Water is very abundant, it rains at least once a week, and the wind is something chronic, but it is wellington and thats to be expected, but also a wind turbine setup costs almost as much as a solar panel setup, so I’m probably going to go wind powered, as the sun is often not bright enough.

I’m wearing a jacket everyday still, and its November, to me this is not normal , not looking forward to winter which I hear is wetter and windier and cold.

I miss the sun and food, and some of the people.

SO I did what I would never do in africa for fear of hijacking, and bought a HiAce — its getting kitted out as a bug out vehicle, weekend camper, earth quake short term home. etc – a trailer with a tent was first option , but it gets super windy and wet here, so tents are out – a caravan, needs to be stored, so I compromised on a van, its smaller that a caravan but can be used everyday and we can just pile in the stuff to take it camping or road trip which we plan on doing a lot

Ive got my Medical kit ,solar setup, portable toilet, and 3 way (gas 12v 220v) fridge setup, and gas stove, already.Its  always been a dream of mine to camp out lots and now I can.

Fishing here is epic… there is a big option to sustain your family on a bug out ,short term at least, with fish, a few rabbits and the odd seagull…

get a canoe/boat , and a fishing rod and you can feed your family almost indefinitely, some people actually do.

Firearm laws are OK, a little crazy, a tank is considered a firearm under category “a” as its a single shot breach loader with no stock or bayonet lug.Hunting is encouraged to some degree, as its helpful to get rid of non indigenous pests like rabbits and deer.

Licensing is similar in requirement but different in its goals , they seak to control the owner not the guns them selves which is more sensible. serial numbers are recorded but more as a reference.

Cant wait to get mine.

The Government is a bit of a nanny but over all its still better than most western nations.

Over all I’m very happy we moved here, the quality of life we can expect is great.

Something I wish someone had explained to me was that the child care is MUCH more expensive, it actually borders on sexist, as a mother that leaves the workforce to have a child will find it very hard to return, they have to earn so much for it to be a viable option I really feel for single mums, its almost impossible for them to work unless they get extremely well paying jobs,

and don’t underestimate it , my wife used to work in ZA, here she would need to earn 3 times what she earned there for it to be worth while and for the kids to go into the day care required so that she could work a 7.5 hour day with 1 hour either way for travel … you get 20 hours a week “free” child care but these hours don’t really help a mom get a full time job.   (free means dirt cheap, you are expected to contribute to the school via a mandatory donation, its really not much – pay it )

If I could recommend anything to the government it would be to extend the hours to 40 at least,- but only for those who have a job and pay tax- and they would have a lot more people productive in the economy, and also make much more in tax.

Public transport is so good you hardly need a car, and for most, a taxi will do for the odd occasion you do NEED one.

Trains run on time, as do buses.

Anyway guys – that it for now have fun


Bugged out

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Survival

ho guys it’s been a while but it’s mainly cause I’ve bugged out … I’m sitting in New Zealand … A 10 year plan in the making … Family to follow in the next few weeks … Missing them excessively and ready for the whole new adventure … I’ll pop in from time to time but prepping here is a whole different ball game and I have much to learn .. When I get a chance I’ll write an article about the process of leaving my home behind for new pastures