long term bugged out housing

Hi guys

after looking at a solution for long term bug out, and after analyzing it to death, and going through costing and various other factors like longevity and ease of setup .. tools required and weight.

( this would be fore vehicular bug out and not for back-pack bug out)

I came up with the following:

Small Tents:

Tents are light weight and cheap, setup quick, but don’t last, and are not very comfortable don’t hold up well to weather , not great long term – R500 and up


great low weight, cheap .. not good for long term . not good for more then one person. R300 and up

Large army tents:

expensive and heavy – last long are a good size and setup quick, in under 20 mins ) – R6000 and up

Sand bag building:

900 sand bags weigh about 25 kg’s empty , and cost about R1.50 each so lets say about R1500 and up for a 1000

4m radius dome and 5 m high dome uses 4 bag circle per metre so 4 circles x 5 = 20

4m circle uses 4 x 3.14 = 12.5 m — and 3 bags/m end to end —

thats 12.5 m x 3 bags x 20 circles = 753 bags give or take a few

so 1000 is overkill but a good round number …

sand bags are looking better and better…

bullet proof and could stand forever …

if you can fill 50 bags a day — then you can be done in 7 days

the solution

Get a small tent or hammock to live in for 7 days work your ass off and fill those bags…

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