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Same method as the one before — just use half whey protein powder to up the protein intake …

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup whey protein powder
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup corn flour ( Maizena )
a little salt

1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup honey – ( or syrup)
1 tablespoon vanilla essence


New Ration bar recipe

I adapted this recipe from another one i found on-line
This recipe makes one days rations and weighs 500g when done
usually I form it into 3 bars for 3 meal, but you don’t have too.

Check out

I made a side burner stove that works like this one
just i changed the design – hope to get some pics up later so you can see how i prefer to do it .. works pretty well ..

Shooting challenge — post you results in the comments if you like.

Went to the range yesterday and started my new training program

Drill – to learn to draw and change mags correctly.
Rounds – about 100
Action – load 2 round into your pistol and 2 rounds into each additional magazine ( minimum 1 normally 2)
Target – man-sized, stationary
Distance – 20 m / +-60 feet
Method – address target , draw, Fire 2 rounds, change mags, let slide loose, fire 2 rounds, change mags to empty mag, dry fire, change mag to other mag with ammo, fire 2 rounds, change mags to empty mag, dry fire, make weapons safe,
reload and start from scratch.
Objective – to draw and fire and reload accurately, then speed up as you become better at this, then work on accurate fire, when quick.

– my results were quite good …
all shots on central mass, no fumbles, not exceptionally quick, need to review my holster setup, its slowing me down.

While reviewing my Get home bag, and after doing some research I found some great idea’s on homemade rat packs .

While the oat survival bars in one of my older posts are great, they can get boring,
so I started out with dehydrated stuff
so now the pack has:

1 instant oats
1 instant soup
1 pack Oros powder
1 small pack of instant mash – Smash
2 tea bags
4 pre-packed sugar packets
75g of compressed Dates
125g of Knorrox Savory Soya mince – re-packed from the 400g packs
1/3 oat survival bar listed elsewhere

total – 7200 kilojoules – probably a little light at 1720 calories —-