Trapping and Fishing vs Hunting

The progression from hunter/gatherer, to formal agriculture is a major reason for man’s success,

Hunting, however, is a great start when agriculture fails.

Hunting is a great sport but ultimately trapping and fishing are going to feed a family a lot for longer and with much less effort, as they multiply the effort of a single personĀ and could provide for a surplus of food for trade.

Trapping of birds is the simplest of affairs, and ,while rather cruel,can be done with fish hooks and bait,

or possibly nets, and other falling traps, even mouse traps.

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Review of the Zebra Cooking kit

I bought this great little Kit for around US$6 a few months back — its SUPER solid — if a little Heavy … but it fits my bug out gear well … and my lunch .. and with having moved to New Zealand – with a threat of major earth quakes, its always good to know i have a solid cooking system in my bag .