Seed bombs

My first post for a long time.

Ive been very busy with many projects, tiling and loads of DIY at home and its also the Year end rush, at my day job, to get things done before year end , so I’ve been too busy to prep.

the general Idea with a seed bomb is to find all the open land in area’s around where you live and make an investment in your own survival, buy a bag of popcorn kernels, a bag of gem squash ( or a big pack of gem squash seed), a bag of broad beans ( or a big bag of Bean seeds),

Sort the seeds into an egg tray, 5 corn seeds and 5 bean seeds and 5 gem squash seeds into each gap in the egg tray.

get some good soil , and make some mud pies .. push the seeds into each mud pies – let them dry and use them all in a short space of time ..

throw them over the walls in open land and next to highways …

obviously be responsible – and don’t just toss them anywhere

but the idea is a living food cache …


the 3 crops i mention here are symbiotic and help each other survive ….


















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