I said it a hundred times, get a garrison together — community rules … western military doctrine always maintains that only troops can hold ground…

This is idealistic and not my plan exactly but its an idea that can be applied elsewhere.

I would say the ideal in suburbia is the close off your street at both ends with a barricade ( we have this already ) .. get everyone in your street on board … link all the houses with radio or field telephones … establish a central meeting hall and guard house to coordinate everything, and provide a central kitchen, and central alarm should everyone need to wake up at once .

Dig the road up around the block to about 2 m deep and pile the rubble on the inside to form a parapet … use what you can to make a wall … cars … sand bags .. roof sheets with gravel whatever .. this is really just a trench to defend from. make a single entrance where the road is OK …

Station sheltered guard posts every 25 m … linked with field telephone to the main hall and to each other … and a central alarm. set up lighting … and central basic power for lighting … then dig a well ( obviously better if you already have a borehole) … and setup a dam… establish central toilets and sewerage .. and a first aid center.

Establish scavenging teams .. and send them out… while preparing to farm the gardens of the houses that make up the block

20 houses on my block, 15 have pools … that enough water for a long time … they are about 1200 m square plots thats 24000 square meters on each block x 2 thats enough farmland to feed quite a few ppl and thats just the one block we are talking about 2 cause the central road forms the middle of the compound and the road around the 2 blocks forms the “wall”.

40 houses on the 2 blocks lets say 35 men and 35 women .. 35 children of which half will be over 12 and able to help that enough to stand guard and provide the rest of the labor required to defend the area … lets say about 15 have firearms and 5 of these are rifles … 5 rifles is enough if they are used accurately and sparingly…. you might actually make it… if you add some home made bows and crossbows into the mix … a hwacha or 2 and a mortar — home made claymores,,, and a healthy feeling community with common goals



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