Trip wire pot flares

One of the best, non lethal, first line defenses against an intruder, is the humble Pot flare set off via a trip wire.

During my military training we were shown extensively how to use them and how effective they can be, at night and even during the day.

Use a mixture of half saltpeter and half sugar in an iron water pipe, about 30 cm long, with a base cap that also forms the stake – don’t seal the top with anything more then wax paper or it will make a pretty good pipe bomb-

Drill a hole in the side of the pipe.. big enough for a nail gun blank cartrige – use a mouse trap to set off the blank and light the mixture, and hook it all up together.. make the mouse trap a little less sensitive by bending the trigger.

Give them a coat of anti-rust flat camo paint and you are good to go.

The trigger trips the mouse trap and the trap makes a load bang… and lights the smoke and flare mix…

use them at the very perimeter of your defensive net, between ankle and knee level .

Try keep the wires under 20 meters long , so that they are sensitive enough and place them randomly, but in the line of obvious paths on entry into the property.

A picture worth a thousand words


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