Are You Obsessed with Bug Out?

Do you have 5 bug out bags and keeps of bug out vehicles?

Ever wonder why you felt the need to do this?

I found one reason the other day …
the training manual for Nuclear survival from FEMA suggests that you should have them.

The main reason would be that, in case of nuclear war, you would need to move out of the cities to build a fall out shelter to survive, as Rural areas were less lightly to be bombed.

This seams to drive a lot of the arm chair warriors theory behind bug out.

Bug out bags are designed to allow you to survive for a few weeks away from home at a shelter – or in the case of a BOV, dig your own fall out shelter.

Most major survival philosophy seams to be centered around this.

In a scenario where you are not in the path of fall out, or there are other disasters that are not nuclear, it would make more sense to bug in.

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